Dignity In All Work

A bee, while flying, sat on a flower and began to suck its essence. A butterfly was also hovering nearby. It asked-” sister! what are you doing, do tell me?

The bee said-” Collecting honey” and again indulged in her work.

The butterfly laughed and said-” Sister! What a fool you are! Is there any honey in a small flower, you are just wasting your time and energy. Come, let us find together a pond of honey.”

The bee kept mum and again became busy in her work. The butterfly kept on searching the whole forest but never saw that pond.
In the evening both returned home – the bee had collected considerable amount of honey and the butterfly was returning empty handed.

So the moral of the story is:
No work is big or small. It’s not the stature of work that matters, but what you learn from working that counts. Never listen to people who tell you that the work you are doing is demeaning or would undermine your prestige. Remember, work doesn’t undermine prestige, it is absence of work that does.

God too worked before he took rest. There is no big or small in the word “WORK”