Celebrating The End Of Exams

Exams Over
Get your parent’s permission if you live in their house.
If you live in a dorm, get permission from the people responsible for the dorm.
Buy party supplies.
Call or email your buddies 1 week before your party starts. These can make sure your buddies are available.
Rent or buy some movies. You can subscribe to Netflix, going to the clearance section of electronic stores (possibly a good movie there), or asking your guests to bring movies.
If you can, rent an inflatable swimming pool.
If you have a video game system, ask your friends to bring controllers and video games.
Choose some popular music. You can use a CD player, or if you have an iPod, buy a dock so you can play your music from it.
When your guests come, greet them and give them a drink or take them to the room you’re hosting the party in.
For girls, have makeovers and manicures with your guests.
For boys, have video game competitions and have a paintball fight in your backyard.
Enjoy the party. Remember, be a good host.
Prank call or ding dong ditch other people with your guests.
When your party is finished, clean up!