Rape : How To Be Careful : Part II

Rape - II
Carry a cell phone. If you feel uncomfortable walking alone, either call a friend or family member or pretend to call them. Walk purposefully and speak in a clear voice, saying something like “Could you unlock the door for me? I’ll be home in 3 minutes, it’s just one more block” or say which street intersection you are at. Potential attackers may be discouraged by knowing that someone is awaiting your arrival, is close by, and would come to check on you if you did not appear within the next few minutes.
The phone is also helpful for dialing emergency numbers in case you are attacked. Have emergency numbers on speed dial so that you can dial quickly, and if you are traveling in a different city/state/country, be sure that you have emergency numbers (e.g.: police, hospital, etc.) in your cell phone, as well as the number for several taxi services.
If you get a bad feeling about a person, party, and/or location, either leave immediately or find a friend. Don’t hesitate.
If walking down a sidewalk, walk next to the street, not next to the buildings, where people can be hiding in doorways, alleyways, etc.
If you are walking alone at night or in unsafe areas, avoid listening to music. You will be distracted by the music, making you an easier target because you are less aware of your surroundings and also may not hear the rapist approach. You also look like a better target.
If you do listen to music while walking, however, keep the volume low. Music at a high volume, especially if you’re wearing over-the-ear headphones, virtually eliminates background noise; you may not be aware of anyone following you.
If you will be walking in an unsafe area or in the dark, wear tennis shoes or bring a pair with you. Stilettos or other heeled shoes make you sound like a walking target and could even draw potential attackers from blocks away. Sandals are usually better than heels, but they are flimsy and could prevent you from running as fast as you can and could even fall off.
If all else fails and you are being followed by someone/attacked by someone, scream. Don’t be afraid to scream because you will feel silly; in some countries we have been socialized to “not make a scene.” If this is rape/potential rape, make the biggest scene you can.
Loudly scream, “Help!” or “Fire!”. Do not yell out, “Rape!” or “I’m being attacked!”. The reason behind this is called the bystander effect, which is a social psychological phenomenon in which bystanders are aware and witnessing an emergency situation but don’t offer help. During a rape, bystanders may not help for fear of getting attacked themselves.
If you want to and the rapist is not armed and he forces oral sex on you, bite HARD. If biting fails, always remember, “Grab, Twist, and Pull.” This meaning the testicles. It may sound silly now, but it may save your life.
Don’t panic because this will just make you easy prey.
If they try to, shout ‘dad’ or a masculine male name in a purposeful direction.

FRIENDS: Teenage Lesson #2

Our world begins & ends with them. This is the very age when they are like always your saviors. Be it any difficulty, problem, family issues, relationship, you can talk it out with them. Well, that is why they were made in the first place. You can be you with them. They know you inside out. Your good & your bad side. They know you enough for you not to fool them. Actually it depends, they can act like it if they really want to keep that smile of yours, glued on your face. Now here comes the big question, is it friends over parents? Most of us would be all naïve about it & would go with a big no. But the fact remains is, you guys are a bunch of liars. You know it is your friends in teens, always over your parents. To be honest, we would’nt be having this argument had it not been for our parents. So kind of it is bull shit. We definitely can’t compare the two. Both are very close to your heart. Your parents have been there for you & still are, before even you became friends with whosoever you now are really close to. Being honest, no one in this mean world is really your best friend. Even the closest to you would connive, deceive or end up hurting you in greed or anger. Your parents are the only ones who love you unconditionally, without any motive. Yes, I really mean it. Being a teen, it is really hard for me to believe what I’ve got myself into here. Folks, I’m on your side. Chill. I too go through this tussle at home all the time.  Trust me when I say ALL the time. Won’t lie to you all. Like yesterday only my Mom was all like you give more importance to your friends than studies. I had a ready answer to this. I get her point, but holidays are going on & I’m a lil’ relaxed about studies. Well, her say is studies should be my top priority (Most of them are like really close to what they think. Scares me at times. :P). We both actually have our own mind & to be frank are right in our own ways. But guys, no one would want to hang out with a dud, what say? Better study & then you’ll have the entire universe wanting to befriend you. I so can’t imagine me being this way but yes, my life is so not complete without my bosom pals being there to annoy me, make me laugh, giggle, hate myself at times & yet be so loved. Parents, we will achieve our dreams. Friends, we fly high, together, always. We party hard, dance & reach for the stars, don’t we? 😀 Infact, both compliment each other (I know what you guys are thinking, but ponder over it, they do!).

Signing off now! Hope you guys are there with me in my journey of teen diaries. Till then, read, learn & preach. ^__^