Have Faith In Your Morality


Most of us today tend to run after name, fame and money. But we fail to understand that before achieving these material successes, we must first become responsible, dutiful and accountable and should learn to make appropriate and rational use of the available resources.

A person’s internal mechanism (mental outlook) should be tuned in such a way that he learns to live properly and let others live in peace; he himself should prosper and motivate others to excel. Neither should he tolerate injustice nor should he perform any unjust action. He should strive to become an exemplary character and inspire others to follow. Today the futile lust for wealth accumulation, the desire for hollow reputation, the wish to accumulate power and enhanced ego seem to overpower the true objectives of our lives. Once we acquire wealth and power we usually think that we have attained all achievable success. But if we muster courage to remove this blindfold from our eyes, we could clearly see that human beings are the most efficient species among living beings. And this could be proved by living with humble intentions and on sound principles, thereby remaining happy and contented irrespective of quantum of material wealth possessed.

Various Types Of Movie Releases


Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between all of the different releases of something… So, I decided that I will put together a guide to let you know what each release is, and what the abbreviations stand for.

This is only for information and knowledge and not to be misused. Say no to piracy.

Cam – Obviously, this is the first copy you generally find once a movie is out in theaters. It is a copy of someone using a camcorder inside of a movie theater. The sound comes from the camcorder’s microphone, and is usually less than optimal (to say the least).

Telesync – TS, PDVD – A telesync copy is often misunderstood by people. Telesync has nothing to do with picture quality, but rather, audio quality. Usually the video is from a cam copy, with the sound recorded later on and synced with the video.

Workprint – WP – I don’t normally see a lot of these out, but it is basically an unfinished release of the movie. Sometimes it doesn’t contain all of the special effects that the final copy will.

Screener – DVDSCR, SCREENER, SCR, DVDSCREENER – A screener is a copy of the finished product, which has been sent to academy judges and other people for review. You can sometimes read words on the bottom saying that it is only for those people, with a phone number to call (yeah right…)

R5 – Retail DVD release from Region 5, which includes Eastern Europe, Indian Subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia. If the copy isn’t in the language ie english, usually there will be a copy of a previous release’s audio synced with the R5 video.

DVDRip – Usually the grand-poo bah of pirated movies until the actual retail version comes out. This is generally a copy of the retail version distributed to a region it has not been released to yet.

DVDR- This is the final copy, what you would buy in a store.

BD/BR rip – Blue Ray copy of the DVDrip or DVDr

HDTV – High definition version of the previous copies.

Telecine – TC – A telecine machine copies the film digitally from the reels. Sound and picture should be very good, but due to the equipment involved and cost telecines are fairly uncommon. Generally the film will be in correct aspect ratio, although 4:3 telecines have existed.

VHSRip – Transferred off a retail VHS, mainly skating/sports videos and XXX releases.

DivX Re-Enc – A DivX re-enc is a film that has been taken from its original VCD source, and re-encoded into a small DivX file. Most commonly found on file sharers.

Walking Alone With Courage And Determination


We must try to understand the fact that we shall not find anyone like us in our life. We have to proceed alone on the path of life. Nobody can accompany us for long.

We shall consider our life as a journey. Here we might come across a few travellers who can accompany us for a while. We might talk to them, love or hate them but gradually each one of them leaves us as,when their voyage ends. Once all of them are left behind, we might feel sad and lonely for some time. It is natural for us to despair as we tend to get attached to them. But, the universal truth of life is only ‘Solitude’.

Even when in a family, we are alone. Nobody is going to escort us for long. It is nothing but sheer hallucination which makes us believe that our relatives are our long term ‘convoys’, in fact, their company is only temporary and we have to walk on the pavement of life all alone with only our courage and determination as our soul partners.