Say Country What?

The Lady
Now today, I would like to enlighten you about a simple but seemingly complex issue that is ’Patriotism’. Now here in Teen Soup,
my main focus is surely the teens of today or the GenY. But it does reach out to the viewers of all ages. So to speak, this
generation appears to be the ruthless and carefree one, so brothers and sisters I feel you though but a part of me now
understands my lack of belonging towards humanism due to my sheer selfishness. A good example to explain my point to all my
fellow friends would be of citing an example of the biopic of the legendary Aung Sang Su Kyi, titled as The Lady. You guys, I’m
sure most of you don’t even know who she is and what she stood for and still continues to. She is one of the great followers of
the Gandhian principles which in today’s world are only known in theory. She is the driving force behind liberating Burma, now
known as Myanmar from the cruel and atrocious rule of the military force. She chose her country before her dying husband ridden
with cancer and her two young kids. She sacrificed her peaceful life in Oxford to fight for the rights of millions of aggrieved in
Burma and be their voice. The first election that was a result of her non-violent aggitations turned victorious for her with she
winning by 392 to 10 votes. Still she believed that her struggle and fight wasn’t over and there was a lot left to do in Burma.
She was kept on a house arrest for 15 long years away from her family. She was conferred with the Noble Peace Prize during the
time she served under strict prohibitions. Sadly her life had always been tragic with she first losing her father, country, mother and
later husband. And inspite of such a traumatic and life changing experience, she was hurt both mentally and psychologically but
she carried on with the vision she had come with in Burma. So teens, don’t you think she is enough of an inspiration for us to
change that I couldn’t care a damn attitude to actually realize what we have is through the sacrifices of many such people like
Gandhi, Mandela, Su Kyi etc. If we can’t get the meaning of freedom then better atleast respect it. Because what comes to us so
easily is a result of phenomenas like mass protects, genocides, sacrifices etc. I myself am not a person too much into patriotism
or nationalism. But after watching this beautiful movie of this Iron Lady, it gave me a reason to cherish what I’ve been gifted with.
So people, look up from those bedazzled phones, fancy watches, expensive shoes and mirror to see and understand life more
than materialism. Yes we have been brought up in a free world, but underestimating those martyrs would be a shame and
disgrace to them and their personal loss. So just try to go beyond what’s written in texts and utilize those teachings and principles
left like an abandoned kid wanting to be needed again or a dog wanting to be adopted. Look through the travails of time, and
worship your country like the monks of Burma to the ultimate sacrifice of Su Kyi for her people. This article wasn’t my plan, but the
impact or the impression that this movie left on me was worth sharing and making aware of.

Rape : How To Be Careful : Part II

Rape - II
Carry a cell phone. If you feel uncomfortable walking alone, either call a friend or family member or pretend to call them. Walk purposefully and speak in a clear voice, saying something like “Could you unlock the door for me? I’ll be home in 3 minutes, it’s just one more block” or say which street intersection you are at. Potential attackers may be discouraged by knowing that someone is awaiting your arrival, is close by, and would come to check on you if you did not appear within the next few minutes.
The phone is also helpful for dialing emergency numbers in case you are attacked. Have emergency numbers on speed dial so that you can dial quickly, and if you are traveling in a different city/state/country, be sure that you have emergency numbers (e.g.: police, hospital, etc.) in your cell phone, as well as the number for several taxi services.
If you get a bad feeling about a person, party, and/or location, either leave immediately or find a friend. Don’t hesitate.
If walking down a sidewalk, walk next to the street, not next to the buildings, where people can be hiding in doorways, alleyways, etc.
If you are walking alone at night or in unsafe areas, avoid listening to music. You will be distracted by the music, making you an easier target because you are less aware of your surroundings and also may not hear the rapist approach. You also look like a better target.
If you do listen to music while walking, however, keep the volume low. Music at a high volume, especially if you’re wearing over-the-ear headphones, virtually eliminates background noise; you may not be aware of anyone following you.
If you will be walking in an unsafe area or in the dark, wear tennis shoes or bring a pair with you. Stilettos or other heeled shoes make you sound like a walking target and could even draw potential attackers from blocks away. Sandals are usually better than heels, but they are flimsy and could prevent you from running as fast as you can and could even fall off.
If all else fails and you are being followed by someone/attacked by someone, scream. Don’t be afraid to scream because you will feel silly; in some countries we have been socialized to “not make a scene.” If this is rape/potential rape, make the biggest scene you can.
Loudly scream, “Help!” or “Fire!”. Do not yell out, “Rape!” or “I’m being attacked!”. The reason behind this is called the bystander effect, which is a social psychological phenomenon in which bystanders are aware and witnessing an emergency situation but don’t offer help. During a rape, bystanders may not help for fear of getting attacked themselves.
If you want to and the rapist is not armed and he forces oral sex on you, bite HARD. If biting fails, always remember, “Grab, Twist, and Pull.” This meaning the testicles. It may sound silly now, but it may save your life.
Don’t panic because this will just make you easy prey.
If they try to, shout ‘dad’ or a masculine male name in a purposeful direction.

Rape : How To Be Careful : Part I

Rape - I
Rape is a horrible thing to experience. Once it happens to you, you don’t want to tell anyone, because you are afraid. Or you think people will think less of you after you tell them. While these attacks are not the fault of the victim, you can take some precautionary measures to keep yourself safe.
Trust your instincts. Don’t underestimate your own judgment. If you feel uncomfortable in someone’s company, avoid being secluded with them and be firm if coercion is attempted. Attackers will more often prey on people who look vulnerable and seem easily manipulated.
Bring a friend if you are going to a party or other event in a strange place. If you can’t bring someone you know, give a friend your phone number and expected time you’ll be home, and tell him or her that you’ll check in.
Keep an eye on your drink. Date rapists can lace drinks with flavorless chemicals. Don’t go back to a drink if you’ve left it unattended, and don’t accept an open drink from a stranger (unless you saw it made at the bar or similar).
Walk with a friend if possible, especially if you’re walking at night or in a remote location. If you’re going on a jog, bring a companion.
Stay alert by avoiding headphones (which impair your ability to hear ambient sounds), or hats that block your peripheral vision. Be aware of people in the area, ahead and behind you.
Stick to populated, well-lit areas if you need to walk alone. Avoid poorly lit areas, or areas with minimal escape routes.
Carry pepper spray or a similar item for emergency self-defense.
Learn basic self-defense moves. Preparing yourself for a potential attack allows you to react better when faced with the fear and stress of the situation.
Move with confidence. Someone who looks purposeful and physically capable is a less appealing target.
Confront a pursuer. If you know that someone is following you, turn and ask them the time. Get a good look at their face and overall appearance. Attackers prefer to target victims who haven’t seen their face.
Struggle and yell if attacked.
Understand that rape isn’t just committed by strangers, but by friends, relatives, and even colleagues, as well. Often victims will know and possibly trust their rapist prior to the offense.

Having A Heartache : Express Your Emotional Pain

We often feel sadness over occurrences in our lives that we have no control over. Perhaps a best friend moves away, or maybe we experience the loss of a family member. Not all of us know how to express our feelings. Some cannot talk it over with parents, and some just think that hurting themselves is the only way to express their inner feelings.
First of all, know that crying is not a sign of weakness. Let out your tears! Bottled up emotions lead to more emotional breakdowns in the future. Crying not only cleanses the eyes, but washes the pain away. (Note: This is a metaphor. Crying does not literally wash away pain.)
Keep a diary. Each time you’re feeling down in the dumps, write a journal entry about it. When you’re feeling better you can look back at the entry and think, “How did this pain make me stronger?”.
Find someone to talk to. Find someone you trust. If you feel comfortable talking to them and if they can listen to you, understand your pain, then they are the right person for you to turn to.
Try to get to the source of the sadness. Is it due to a person in particular? If so, avoid that person. If one person is the source for your depression, then it’s not worth talking to him or her.
Work through the reasons that provoke your crying. If you are jealous of someone, try to figure out if this reaction is really worth feeling sad about.
Allow time to grieve. If sadness is due to the death of someone close to you, then it may take a bit longer for the sadness to pass. It is healthy to feel sad at the loss of a loved one so understand this and take one day at a time. Crying is perfectly normal at a time like this. Talking about it and expressing your feelings will also help.
Use art to free some of your pain. It can be a poem, a song, short story, or a painting that describes what you’re feeling and going through.
Muster the courage to feel what actually exists inside you; the courage of an open heart.
If your sadness is related to a family member passing away, do not forget them, but keep memories of them [pictures, home videos, favorite songs, etc.].
Is it because of love? Somebody you feel is attractive but you don’t have enough courage to tell them that? Write Letters, e-mails, Texts and save them in drafts and read them every day.

Celebrating The End Of Exams

Exams Over
Get your parent’s permission if you live in their house.
If you live in a dorm, get permission from the people responsible for the dorm.
Buy party supplies.
Call or email your buddies 1 week before your party starts. These can make sure your buddies are available.
Rent or buy some movies. You can subscribe to Netflix, going to the clearance section of electronic stores (possibly a good movie there), or asking your guests to bring movies.
If you can, rent an inflatable swimming pool.
If you have a video game system, ask your friends to bring controllers and video games.
Choose some popular music. You can use a CD player, or if you have an iPod, buy a dock so you can play your music from it.
When your guests come, greet them and give them a drink or take them to the room you’re hosting the party in.
For girls, have makeovers and manicures with your guests.
For boys, have video game competitions and have a paintball fight in your backyard.
Enjoy the party. Remember, be a good host.
Prank call or ding dong ditch other people with your guests.
When your party is finished, clean up!