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Having An Affair: Wanna Hide It!

Nonchalantly bring up the word ‘affair’ and see how your spouse reacts to it. If they seem indifferent, they don’t suspect anything yet. However, if they seem to have a mood change, ask, ‘what’s wrong?’ and assure them of your love for them!
If you are having an affair with someone that your spouse doesn’t know, keep it that way! Avoid all chances of them meeting! If it’s someone they do know, that’s a different story! Your best bet would be to act as if nothing is wrong. But, you may want to try to avoid being with both of them at the same time!
Don’t act guilty! If your spouse seems to start getting jealous, give them the attention they want! If you act like they aren’t there anymore, they will know something is up!
When you are going to meet with the person you are having an affair with, make sure you come up with a believable excuse! ‘I have to work late” is the oldest excuse in the book and NO ONE will believe it! You’re not fooling anyone with that! Try something along the lines of, “Oh god, I forgot about the _____! Let me run to the store and pick it up!” Then, when you’ve been gone longer than expected, say you ran into someone unexpectedly! Be creative when you are lying!
Don’t leave your phone unattended! You don’t want your spouse to get a hold of it! There are probably things on there that you want to hide! So delete often!
Last but not least, know how to lie! If you’re not good at making up a believable story on the spot, you should not be having an affair!
Remember all the details of your lies/ stories! The last thing you want is to be tangled up in your own web!
Don’t let the person you are having an affair with get too attached! This could definitely backfire in the long run!
Stay under the radar! Don’t go out in public with the person you are having an affair with unless it’s outside of your own town! Running into someone you know would not be pretty!
Have fun! That’s why you’re having an affair in the first place, isn’t it?
Delete everything on your phone every few hours! You don’t want anyone seeing anything they aren’t supposed to!


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