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Exams : Concise Is Precise : Simple Tips

Always think positive.
Always be hopeful and don’t doubt yourself.
Sleep well before exams, so your mind will be alert before, after, and during the exam.
Study less, with more concentration, if possible. If you want to study for a long time then you can take breaks in between to regain your concentration after you return from the break.
Do not study a subject only once. If you have more time you can revise for your studies twice or thrice, but only if you have a lot of time and have revised for all your other subjects at least once or you may forget what you revised.
If you are a memorizing person, or want to be, lecture to yourself (out loud) while also using your hands; this way it will be easier for you to memorize. Do a whole section, then move onto the next. Do this until you finish the whole of the chapter you’re working on.
Remember this analogy: ‘Study without ambition is a bird without wings’.
Finding out who is writing the exam can be helpful. This way, you might be able to understand what sort of questions will be used (i.e: short answer, essays, multiple choice, etc.) Just do not put all your time into finding out who the exam writer is.
The above tip is really effective, especially for a subject like social studies.
Asking teachers for help conveys your commitment to the material, and can be helpful in the future as well as with your exams. Always remember to ask your teachers if you do not know what she is talking about or if you need more information. The teacher will gladly help.
Always try to be happy, don’t give stress to the personal matter while studying
If you ask help from others, don’t joke around. Concentrate on what you are doing.
Sometimes people find it easier to study with a friend, while others find that distraction. While studying with a friend can be lots of fun, don’t forget that you’re supposed to actually study — not chat!
Various university facilities are at your disposal and you probably don’t even know it. There are usually personnel who are trained to help you cope with stress, answer study-related questions, give you study tips and other forms of guidance. Just visit your uni website or ask your professor what help is available.
Even if you do happen to get a C or lower on your test, many schools now allow students to retake tests, and will average the two scores out. Or, if you are lucky, give you the higher grades. Also, never forget that there is ALWAYS extra credit. Go for it whenever you can.
It’s better to study slowly rather than cramming at the last minute.
Revise the work that you did in class on the same day.
Eat breakfast — it will help you concentrate.
Don’t be overconfident, always anticipate the hardest question, and then everything will seem easier.
Don’t only depend on your friends too.
Don’t be too dependent on the teacher.
Start studying at least a week before the exam.
Don’t study only on the night before the exam. Study everything bit by bit when you come home from school every day. It’s no use studying everything in one shot.
Don’t depend heavily on the help of others.
Avoid stress from other people, if at all possible. Don’t hang around friends that worry and stress. This will rub off on you.
Understand what is being taught. Ask questions if you don’t.
Ask your teacher what are some things you can do to study for the exam
Although some people find it a “good” idea, drinking absurd amounts of coffee, tea, or any other caffeine source is not a good move, especially on the day before the exam. You’ll crash eventually and you’ll feel groggy the day of the exam, almost guaranteeing an inferior performance. Just sleep at 10.00 everyday.
Never be late for exams.
You should eat only as much as required. Try not to put stress on both your stomach AND your mind.
If you fail, don’t stress, hence the last tip! You’ve gotten so far, and you can make it back up there!
Cheating won’t solve your exam problems, it will just end up with getting you busted. Just study well. Getting good grades that were earned honestly will motivate you to study and achieve even more. You’ll also feel better when you get your grade!

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