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Periods!! No Issues For Teen Girls : Follow Me

Sooner or later, every girl gets her period. Learn about how to be ready for your first period or just for your period in general!
Find out as much information as you can about your period. The library has many magazines and books, and websites and counselors will be happy to help you too.
Go on to pad/tampon websites because they might have free samples. You may need to ask your parents and they should be fine with it because after all, it’s free! Also do research. Most pad/tampon websites tell you about their products so learn which ones sound good. If you can, avoid buying pads or tampons until you have samples so that way, if they’re crummy, you didn’t waste any money on them.
Keep at least one pad or tampon in all of your purses, book bags, locker, lunch bags, etc… Because you or a friend could start and it isn’t very fun to have blood-stained panties.
Get used to your cycle. When you are still irregular, it might help to wear panty liners every day so if you start it doesn’t leak through anything. Mark a calendar so you can track your days but make it private. (Maybe, a little dot on the days in your calendar so it can be discrete and useful at the same time)
Use period panties that are meant for periods. Regular panties don’t give the protection needed during periods.
If you feel somewhat moody or emotional right before or during your period-that is normal. It is called PMS.
If your period catches you by surprise at school, wipe yourself as best as you can. Ask your teacher if you can go to the school nurse or guidance counselor. If there is no school nurse ask your teacher (if she is female) if she has a spare pad.
Remember, when your period first starts, it is almost 100% that it will be irregular. Do not worry or think you have some serious condition. It’s all part of the cycle. Be ready for cramping and/or stomach aches too. But if you really do think you have a problem, find a doctor or a trusted adult.
Ask any questions you have because it is totally okay to ask questions.
Always keep an extra pair of shorts/trousers in your locker/bag just in case of an emergency.
If you want, waste some. Not all of them, but a few. Do those tests they do on T.V. where you pour water with food coloring on the pad and see how much water it can take. Put a tampon in a cup of water and watch it expand. Quite frankly, it can be fun. Those ways you can test which absorbency really are super. Like take 2 different brands of super flow pads and put the same amount of water in and see if one holds more. (Valuable information for when you start so if you are really heavy you can decide which will let you leak and which won’t.)
Talk to your mother: sure, it’ll be awkward, but remember, she’s been through this too!
Try to take painkillers or Ibuprofen-(check with your doctor)-if your stomach ache gets beyond bearable.
Always keep a Tide to Go Stick with you just in case if your period catches you by surprise (or not) and you leak.
Never leave your tampon inside of you for more than 8 hours. If you leave it in longer than that you have a greater risk of catching Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), it is rare, but sometimes deadly.
If you get some blood on your clothes or sheets, always use cold water not hot. Hot water can set the stain. Rub fresh stains with some salt, as it absorbs the blood. If you have hydrogen peroxide adds it to the cold water and let it soak. It is best to do this when the stain is fresh.
Always wash your hands before and after inserting a tampon or putting on a pad. (You don’t have to, but it’s better if you do)
Around the time you enter middle school, start carrying around a few pads (tampons are not recommended for your first period, wait till it becomes regular) so that you won’t be caught off guard.

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