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Enjoy Life : Have Fun

Enjoy Life
Enjoying life is about loving what you have, who you’re with, being in the moment and appreciating all that is around you. Get involved, get out there, and rejoice in the life that you have been so fortunate to have bestowed on you.
Get a full night’s worth of sleep, which is about 8 hours for adults and 9 or 10 hours for kids. Don’t spend your whole day sleeping, though.
Make healthy food choices everyday by drinking a lot of water, and eating many fruits and vegetables
Ask out that girl or boy you always have liked.
Make spur-of-the-moment decisions – just make sure they aren’t life threatening.
Be motivated. Don’t just sit around. Do something or be somebody
Find a good book… and read it.
Find a good friend or a few friends and go to the mall or hang out at your house. You’ll feel good being surrounded by people who care about you and you’ll have lots of fun.
Try traveling to a new place you’ve always wanted to go.
Find a hobby you like, and take it up; it will brighten up your life, and you’ll have something to look forward too.
Do what you want
Spend your money on things you want
Have fun
Live every day like it is your last!
Do not go broke, do not put yourself or others in danger, and do not break the law, or do other things you will regret later.


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