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Year End Blues : Let’s Swish Them Away


YearGo over your past year. Remember all the fun times you had, and all the times you smiled, and did something nice…Anything that made you feel good. Remember them and remember you year by these things.

Now, remember all the things that weren’t so good. Let’s not go into specifics…but remember all the mistakes you made, all the bad luck you had, and how sometimes you just felt like giving up.

Then think about what you’ve learnt from these mistakes and trying times, from those fun times and smiles. If it helps, write it down.

Now you’ve got that out of the way, look forward to next year.

New Year’s Eve is a time of partying, of celebrating accomplishments made in the soon-to-be-gone year, and for making toasts and resolutions for the upcoming three hundred sixty five days. However, New Year’s Eve can also be a sad time – some people may not have achieved their resolutions from the previous New Year’s Eve, the year might not have been a good one for a variety of reasons, or even the day of New Year’s Eve might not be the best it could have been.

Isolate the problem that is wearing you down. Think about why you’re feeling down on such a fine day of general celebration. Are you feeling down because you are pondering a year of disappointments? Are there resolutions you feel that you have failed to complete, perhaps year after year even? Or was the day simply a bad one and you’re not feeling up to celebrating this evening?

Solve the problem that you’ve identified. Once you’re aware of the problem at hand, you’re better placed to make a positive change. Write a brief list of the things that you think you can do in the coming year to remedy the problems identified.

Find a quiet space for a New Year’s Eve ritual. It’s a good idea to ritualize your New Year’s resolutions as part of the process of “sealing the deal” with yourself. It creates a moment to think back on over the coming year and it presents a turning point at which you choose to move forward. It doesn’t matter where you hold your ritual, or the type of ritual you choose, provided it has meaning for you and involves actively acknowledging your resolutions.

Take your mind off it. Relax. Celebrate. Have fun! It’s important to allow yourself to be distracted from your negative thoughts and to revel in the spirit of New Year’s Eve instead.

Start off on the right foot. Smile. Nothing is better than starting a new year with something that makes you happy. Whip up your favorite meal, listen to your favorite song, watch a great movie, and things of that nature. Avoid the melancholy music and avoid the alcohol if you’re feeling down; neither will improve your mood. Look to what makes you feel happier and indulge yourself. The first day of a new year is a chance to strive again.

Remember: Keep a positive mental attitude, don’t let the little things get to you, and make a new year something worth remembering. Life is too short for regrets–make the most of it!


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