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Get Yourself Into The Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

Sometimes it’s hard when you grow older, because you lose the touch of the wondrous Christmas Spirit. Maybe you’re not too old–you felt it last year–but this year with money being tight, you can’t make your house feel the way it did, you feel a sense of loss, and you can’t feel that special feeling. I’ll tell you one thing, everyone deserves to feel that special Christmas feeling, nothing can compare to it.

Make a batch of Christmas cookies; make sugar cookies, and decorate it your own way with frosting, sprinkles, etc., to bring out the Christmas fun.

Hang up Christmas ornaments. When you focus on the ornaments, and just on getting it done, it’s not fun. But when you have fun, dance with the Christmas music, put a garland up, put little trinkets of Santa Claus, angels and whatnot. You will see that you will have fun.

Get out of the house. Go to special stores like Macy’s and Target and shop in the Christmas aisles, and have fun picking out what stuff you could possibly need. When you see other spirit around you, you’re more likely to have that special feeling once again.

Learn a Christmas song, one that you’ve never heard before, or one that is your favorite. Print it off the internet and sing the verses quietly to yourself at work, or at the store.

Put up your tree early. It doesn’t matter if you put it up after you read this article, or in a few days, just get it up early. That way, you can decorate the tree and have fun with it, expressing your creativity and feeling like you’re really into the spirit.

Give a gift, it doesn’t matter to whom. But take time with the gift, wrap it, and make your own card, add a special poem.

Spend time with family and friends. This probably is the most important way to feeling happy. Make some cookies, and invite a few over, and watch a Christmas movie such as “White Christmas”.

It’s not impossible to get into the Christmas spirit, no matter how hopeless it may seem.

Don’t focus on getting the spirit, just have fun. In time, you will see just these simple things will give you what you want.

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  1. This post is the greatest. You have a new fan! I can’t wait for the next update, saved!

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