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Life As We Know It

I’ve come a long way now from what I was as a kid. All I knew of was that the world is a beautiful place to live in & that people in it are good to each other. Being naive, selfless & helpful is what I was taught. And I’m sure most of you pretty much wore the same façade of your parents’ ideologies, as I did. We were made & bred in what they considered was the definition of an ideal kid. Now just go back through the pages of life. Your infancy, childhood, adolescence & now, a teen adult. Well, generalizing it, adults for some. You’ve grown so much, both mentally & physically. Now what you are, is who you are. Your parents’ work is done here. This is where you be what you want to be & are your true self. Now this is what I really wanted to emphasize here. Why do we become so selfish, intolerant, aggressive & bitchy? I understand that we change according to the circumstances or environment we are in. But a change so drastic? We can still be the old us with the good qualities but more mature & realistic. Learn to adore & love yourself. And don’t try to be who you aren’t & can’t be. Have the self confidence & faith in accepting your best & improving the bad. In the life I’ve had so far, I find people all around me, copying & imitating others. They hate their very own, God gifted, face, body & complexion. They often spend so much on cosmetic surgeries to change into something more meaningless & fake. Don’t compromise for anyone & find people who love you for who you are & accept you the way you are. Let them not decide how you should look, or what you should wear, let them be the ones shaping themselves for you. Yes, this is something more common with girls than guys. But often I see guys who hate the way they look or are not considered cool enough by the society. Every person is unique in his/her own way.

And why go with the face value? What’s inside is the real beauty which will last forever. All the paste put on your face will diminish with time & soon the reality shall come out. With my very own experiences I’ve learnt to like myself more than I ever did. Being a Psychology person, I do understand the general psyche of people towards each other, towards themselves. It’s good to change for the best, but keeping those values, morals & the child in you alive is very important at the same time. I do agree that situations end-up moulding us in every way, generally how we wouldn’t like it. But that’s what life is. It comes to us as a raw ball of cotton, but how we spin it & shape our destiny is in our very own hands. Learn to equip with changes, as they will never leave you. They always will remain your favourite enemies. But it is unto you, how you take it in your stride & make the best of the worse. When I look back, I see myself as a better person. Though betrayed & fooled in a lot many ways, it gives me an insight to do better in life & not look back upon the ashes. I certainly am also against the fact of becoming self-obsessed because that is sheer stupidity & be-fooling one’s self. But having the guts to stand on my too feet & being strong to face the world is my success mantra of being beautiful. Change in the way you see world today. Become a better person, help the needy, reduce your greed & while passing by the streets, just look up from your screens & see the grandparents play with their kid, the butterflies sitting on the flowers, the slight wind blowing, the cry of a child, the chirping of birds, the scent of the wet soil. Face the world instead of Facebooking it. As, life’s what you make it, so lets make it right! Lets cherish the experiences, savor the moments & create memories.

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