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Severe Family Ties That Torment You

Did you ever feel as if you didn’t belong with your family, weren’t accepted as much as you wanted to be, or simply had enough of your family matters than this is for you.

Check Yourself: Be sure you are eligible to physically disconnect yourself from your family. If you are 17 and younger this article may be hard to carry out. Otherwise just do it emotionally.

Move Faraway: If you are eligible to “move out” for your reasons to cut off all your ties with your family, make sure you move a relatively far distance from where your family is located. This will make it hard for them to locate you. Warn them that you are moving or leave some notice behind but you don’t have to tell them where you are going. Otherwise they may believe that you went missing.

Cut off all connections: cut off all connections with anybody in the family rather you like them or not. If you stay in touch with one you stay in touch with them all. Make sure your face-book is completely private to them if you have one. Have a new email and maybe even a new phone number if you have to.

New residence: if you move away do not mention any family to new acquaintanceship and avoid the subject if they ask. Try to live in a place where you feel comfortable and you can start your life with your “new family” and or surroundings.

Before you decide to carry out your action of completely leaving your family, double check your decision and look further into it.

If you need your family for food or shelter reconsider your option.

Expect the unexpected.

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  1. sup I’m Sarah I’m such a air head but I still particularly loved your blog

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