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Family Outing With Teenage Young Adults

To keep family ties close after your teenagers develop their own social lives, plan outings with your children. Go out with them to get to know them better.

Whether your teenagers are still living at home or living away from home in a dormitory or apartment, it is important to keep family ties tight. Just as married couples plan “dates” to pencil in specific time for one another, “dates” with your older children work the same way.

To let your “children” know your relationship with them is important to you, sit down and discuss a “date” schedule. Once a month is a good start. Make the location and time convenient for you and for your children.

To add a bit of cultural and education to your “dates,” select ethnic restaurants that your family may not have frequented in the past. And, pair your cultural dinner experience with a visit to a local museum or travelling exhibit.

“Dates” with your older children not only keep your family “bonded,” they also create memories to share and remember long into the future.

Giving the gift of time is priceless and irreplaceable.

Going on an outing that is tailored to your teenager’s likes is also a good idea.

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