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Doing The Right Thing In All Situations

When you get annoyed with someone what do you think you should do? What have you done in the past to someone who got on your last nerves? Well, it depends. Let’s say your grandmother was visiting you. So, she got on your nerves maybe once or twice. The smart thing to do is just hold it in for a little while, and then when she leaves, be grateful that whatever you got mad about… has stopped. If it was your aunt who let’s say, lives with you and she kept treating you like trash… you should politely and calmly say something nice like this, “I need to talk to you about something. I haven’t liked the way you have been treating me for a while now. I think you should treat me a little more respectfully.” If you attack her, she will shut down completely, and the chance of having a better relationship with her is over. That is why you have to think twice, or use your common sense before you say something.

When your friend is being very rude with you. We all have had the “mean” friend. We have also messed up and made a mistake with that friend. Well now, you can do the right thing and not mess up. Let’s say your friend called you a mean name and said “I am just joking with you.” Well, they aren’t using their common sense, or they just wanted to say something mean and get away with it. Right then and there defend yourself. Don’t watch grass grow, say something like this, “I know you were joking, but that hurt my feelings and I really would like it if you wouldn’t joke around like that with me.” Then you are giving the signal that you are hurt, and kind of offended.

When your parents or anybody has a very uncomfortable talk with you. There will come a time when somebody tries to talk to you maybe about growing up or dating. It can be very uncomfortable, especially with a parent, and most of us blush and try to escape this conversation. We will have questions and sometimes we might be too uncomfortable to even say it. Well, you should always say questions or concerns, but put it in words that will make you less uncomfortable.

If you hide away from speaking up to somebody, they will just keep doing it for as long as they can. It is important to speak up… but try to find the best way to say it.

Do not cry if a bully or someone insults you. The best thing to do is actually to ignore them. That is giving them no satisfaction of bothering you, so they will usually quit before you know it. If they don’t quit and keep bothering you, talk to a teacher, guidance counselor, volunteer, or even a friend.

Sometimes, people will call you names and send rude messages by texting, talking, or anything. Don’t respond. Leave it at that. If they want to be mean that is their problem.

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