The Cool Mom

Being a cool mom doesn’t mean to set your kids free without boundaries, but it is important to give your kids room to move and learn things for themselves. This will help you to enjoy parenting and help your children to enjoy being raised. It’s a win-win situation.

Let them speak, try to understand them and listen to them.

Let’s say your kid got a boyfriend or girlfriend. Try to face it well and make sure you talk to your kid about it and motivate them with it. But of course, make sure to tell your kid not to trust all people of the opposite sex.

Sometimes let them throw a party, when you think that’s all right, just be sure to let them know the conditions of the party.

Make sure they know that they can speak up and give their opinions about your family life, but not to control YOUR life. For example: let them know if you have met someone interesting.

You could raise their allowance when they do something you think they deserve.

Give your kids a break, don’t stress them with too much pressure about anything . But sometimes talk to them about school and others of his responsibilities, and make sure you show that you really believe in your kid’s potential.

Always give affection, such as a kiss or a warm hug, but try to not suffocate them.

Try to comfort your kids in the best way when they have a problem, show that you’re there to help and try to know their problems and don’t get upset in any case, but try to help in the nicest, most responsible and fairest way as possible. Learn to listen to your kids.

Ask your kids about what makes them embarrassed, so you could make a list of things that you should avoid to do to don’t make your kid embarrassed in front of others.

Don’t let the only time you speak to your kids the time when you yell at them because that is the person they will always remember you as.

Inspire them!

Never, ever say in response to a reported bullying “Just ignore them”. This never helps!

Be a good listener.

Try to be always calm and nice, but still be firm and put authority without being aggressive.

Give your kids a chance and don’t stress them. But make sure you show them what’s right to do, but let them speak up and give their opinion.

Sometimes, have a peaceful conversation with your kids and try to solve any problem. Like, if someone is doing something the other person doesn’t like it. Make sure you have a conversation with them, so you and your kids can come up with good ideas to make your life better and more peaceful.

In their teens use good judgment but also have a little faith and trust them, give them some freedom. They are good kids, you raised them, so they should be!

Life As We Know It

I’ve come a long way now from what I was as a kid. All I knew of was that the world is a beautiful place to live in & that people in it are good to each other. Being naive, selfless & helpful is what I was taught. And I’m sure most of you pretty much wore the same façade of your parents’ ideologies, as I did. We were made & bred in what they considered was the definition of an ideal kid. Now just go back through the pages of life. Your infancy, childhood, adolescence & now, a teen adult. Well, generalizing it, adults for some. You’ve grown so much, both mentally & physically. Now what you are, is who you are. Your parents’ work is done here. This is where you be what you want to be & are your true self. Now this is what I really wanted to emphasize here. Why do we become so selfish, intolerant, aggressive & bitchy? I understand that we change according to the circumstances or environment we are in. But a change so drastic? We can still be the old us with the good qualities but more mature & realistic. Learn to adore & love yourself. And don’t try to be who you aren’t & can’t be. Have the self confidence & faith in accepting your best & improving the bad. In the life I’ve had so far, I find people all around me, copying & imitating others. They hate their very own, God gifted, face, body & complexion. They often spend so much on cosmetic surgeries to change into something more meaningless & fake. Don’t compromise for anyone & find people who love you for who you are & accept you the way you are. Let them not decide how you should look, or what you should wear, let them be the ones shaping themselves for you. Yes, this is something more common with girls than guys. But often I see guys who hate the way they look or are not considered cool enough by the society. Every person is unique in his/her own way.

And why go with the face value? What’s inside is the real beauty which will last forever. All the paste put on your face will diminish with time & soon the reality shall come out. With my very own experiences I’ve learnt to like myself more than I ever did. Being a Psychology person, I do understand the general psyche of people towards each other, towards themselves. It’s good to change for the best, but keeping those values, morals & the child in you alive is very important at the same time. I do agree that situations end-up moulding us in every way, generally how we wouldn’t like it. But that’s what life is. It comes to us as a raw ball of cotton, but how we spin it & shape our destiny is in our very own hands. Learn to equip with changes, as they will never leave you. They always will remain your favourite enemies. But it is unto you, how you take it in your stride & make the best of the worse. When I look back, I see myself as a better person. Though betrayed & fooled in a lot many ways, it gives me an insight to do better in life & not look back upon the ashes. I certainly am also against the fact of becoming self-obsessed because that is sheer stupidity & be-fooling one’s self. But having the guts to stand on my too feet & being strong to face the world is my success mantra of being beautiful. Change in the way you see world today. Become a better person, help the needy, reduce your greed & while passing by the streets, just look up from your screens & see the grandparents play with their kid, the butterflies sitting on the flowers, the slight wind blowing, the cry of a child, the chirping of birds, the scent of the wet soil. Face the world instead of Facebooking it. As, life’s what you make it, so lets make it right! Lets cherish the experiences, savor the moments & create memories.

Helping Parents Trust You

When a teenage kid wants freedom, it seems at that point, parents are the most controlling. Inside, they want to gain your trust and let you have your teenage freedom, and they may sometimes (but not always) not trust you. This article will help you earn your parents’ trust and might make the relationships between parent and teen stronger.

If your parents tell you to do something, do it immediately. Yes, you have to do the laundry or empty the dishwasher the first time. And remember to show a little bit of individuality to your parents. For example, if your friend calls to tell you about a party, reply no and let your parents know about this. This will show to your parents that you’re not looking for every opportunity to party.

Be sure you have all the details about the party you’re going to. This way you can tell your parents what is going to happen.

Tell your parents if you’re going to be driven somewhere. Before you do, make sure that person has good intentions and has a license before you ask for permission.

Keep your cool if your parents don’t let you do something. Shouting back and arguing gives a bad impression and makes you look like a 2 year old. After all, they may be right in not letting you doing that activity.

Do all of your chores and homework.

Say something only if you mean it.

If your parents accuse you of doing something you didn’t do, relax and calmly tell your side of the story. They will be able to understand you.

Make sure to do little things for your parents, like fill their drink or make breakfast, without being asked. Your parents will love you even more and will do things you want to do for a chance.

If you made a mistake, big or small, admit that you were wrong and don’t make any excuses or blame something or someone, because if you do, your apologies will seem fake and not meaningful.

Don’t get angry if your parents give you advice, even when you know what to do already. Just say thanks and that you’ll think about it. This will help your parents know that you are listening and are accepting advice.

Do not take advantage of your parents. Would you trust someone whom you know is simply using you?

Always follow curfew rules. Even if the party is “just getting started,” go home when you’re supposed to. Remember: is one trivial party going to be worth the trouble and distrust you’re going to get (in)?

If they don’t approve of something you are doing and begin to scold or punish you for it, don’t talk back or scream; just stay quiet and keep your comments to yourself. This will make arguments and scolding end quicker, and will keep them less angry at you.

If your parents say “you’re wrong” or say something along those lines, don’t argue. Just say “Okay, I’m sorry.”

If you have to think twice about something, don’t do it. Doing something that is illegal or not permitted will be one of the fastest ways to lose your parents trust.

Act maturely .This will help to gain their confidence fast.

Don’t lie.

If you take offense right away, tell your parents you need time to yourself to cool off, they’ll understand.

If your parents talk to you about the same thing over and over, just do what they say for a change. It takes a lot of stress away from you and them.

Even though you should earn their trust, remember not to do everything for them no matter what; if you can’t trust them, their trust of you is useless.

Love them no matter what happens, even if it means you can’t do the things you want to do.

Don’t drink alcohol or smoke until old enough or responsible enough to handle it.

Cyber Sex : Safe For Physical Health Sick For Mental Health

The internet has brought new ways for people to have fun – including sexy fun. Cyber sex can be safer for health than real-life sex but there are other dangers you need to think about.

What is cyber sex?

Cyber sex means using text messages, internet chat rooms, email or instant messaging to exchange sexy chat with another person.

It could be your regular partner or someone you’ve met online. It can involve only talking or flirting or partners can masturbate during a cyber sex exchange.

Some people only use text, others will take pictures or videos of themselves.

It’s all about painting pictures in the other person’s mind and responding in a sexy way to the things they send to you.

What are the risks from cyber sex?

Although there’s no risk of sexually transmitted infections, there are other risks from cyber sex.

If you send someone sexy messages, pictures or videos then they are no longer in your control, and you can never know what someone will do with it. Someone could make it public. This could be highly embarrassing and damage your other relationships. You might feel like you know and trust someone but things can change and they could always use the material against you in the future.

If you’re under 18, anyone caught with sexy images of you could be prosecuted as a pedophile.

If you’re ‘cybering’ (having cyber sex) with someone other than your regular partner, it could change your feelings towards them. You may feel guilty – the emotions involved in cyber sex are just as real as with any other kind of sex. If they find out, they could feel hurt and betrayed.

Worst of all, people might not be who they say they are on the internet. Sometimes adults go online to chat rooms or social networking sites pretending to be someone else. They do this so that they can meet young people. They might ask personal questions or try to persuade them to do things sexually for them. Someone you meet online could track you down in the real world. It’s hard to judge age or character over the internet – they could turn out to be nasty. If you’re caught with nude pictures of anyone under 18, you could be prosecuted and end up on the sex offenders register.

How can I make cyber sex less risky?

There are some easy ways to reduce the risks from cyber sex.

First, don’t have cyber sex with anyone you don’t know personally. Cyber sex with someone you know could still be risky though because you don’t know how they might use the sexy messages, pictures or videos in the future.

Second, never give out personal details or information about yourself to someone you don’t know personally. You never know who the other person might be or how they might be using that information.

Third, it’s a good idea to delete any sexy messages from your phone and computer quickly, including from any online accounts. Phones and laptops get lost and stolen all the time (there are nosey people around too).

To avoid trouble with the law – including getting your partner in trouble – don’t send nude pictures or video of yourself until you’re over 18.

Severe Family Ties That Torment You

Did you ever feel as if you didn’t belong with your family, weren’t accepted as much as you wanted to be, or simply had enough of your family matters than this is for you.

Check Yourself: Be sure you are eligible to physically disconnect yourself from your family. If you are 17 and younger this article may be hard to carry out. Otherwise just do it emotionally.

Move Faraway: If you are eligible to “move out” for your reasons to cut off all your ties with your family, make sure you move a relatively far distance from where your family is located. This will make it hard for them to locate you. Warn them that you are moving or leave some notice behind but you don’t have to tell them where you are going. Otherwise they may believe that you went missing.

Cut off all connections: cut off all connections with anybody in the family rather you like them or not. If you stay in touch with one you stay in touch with them all. Make sure your face-book is completely private to them if you have one. Have a new email and maybe even a new phone number if you have to.

New residence: if you move away do not mention any family to new acquaintanceship and avoid the subject if they ask. Try to live in a place where you feel comfortable and you can start your life with your “new family” and or surroundings.

Before you decide to carry out your action of completely leaving your family, double check your decision and look further into it.

If you need your family for food or shelter reconsider your option.

Expect the unexpected.

Family Outing With Teenage Young Adults

To keep family ties close after your teenagers develop their own social lives, plan outings with your children. Go out with them to get to know them better.

Whether your teenagers are still living at home or living away from home in a dormitory or apartment, it is important to keep family ties tight. Just as married couples plan “dates” to pencil in specific time for one another, “dates” with your older children work the same way.

To let your “children” know your relationship with them is important to you, sit down and discuss a “date” schedule. Once a month is a good start. Make the location and time convenient for you and for your children.

To add a bit of cultural and education to your “dates,” select ethnic restaurants that your family may not have frequented in the past. And, pair your cultural dinner experience with a visit to a local museum or travelling exhibit.

“Dates” with your older children not only keep your family “bonded,” they also create memories to share and remember long into the future.

Giving the gift of time is priceless and irreplaceable.

Going on an outing that is tailored to your teenager’s likes is also a good idea.

Doing The Right Thing In All Situations

When you get annoyed with someone what do you think you should do? What have you done in the past to someone who got on your last nerves? Well, it depends. Let’s say your grandmother was visiting you. So, she got on your nerves maybe once or twice. The smart thing to do is just hold it in for a little while, and then when she leaves, be grateful that whatever you got mad about… has stopped. If it was your aunt who let’s say, lives with you and she kept treating you like trash… you should politely and calmly say something nice like this, “I need to talk to you about something. I haven’t liked the way you have been treating me for a while now. I think you should treat me a little more respectfully.” If you attack her, she will shut down completely, and the chance of having a better relationship with her is over. That is why you have to think twice, or use your common sense before you say something.

When your friend is being very rude with you. We all have had the “mean” friend. We have also messed up and made a mistake with that friend. Well now, you can do the right thing and not mess up. Let’s say your friend called you a mean name and said “I am just joking with you.” Well, they aren’t using their common sense, or they just wanted to say something mean and get away with it. Right then and there defend yourself. Don’t watch grass grow, say something like this, “I know you were joking, but that hurt my feelings and I really would like it if you wouldn’t joke around like that with me.” Then you are giving the signal that you are hurt, and kind of offended.

When your parents or anybody has a very uncomfortable talk with you. There will come a time when somebody tries to talk to you maybe about growing up or dating. It can be very uncomfortable, especially with a parent, and most of us blush and try to escape this conversation. We will have questions and sometimes we might be too uncomfortable to even say it. Well, you should always say questions or concerns, but put it in words that will make you less uncomfortable.

If you hide away from speaking up to somebody, they will just keep doing it for as long as they can. It is important to speak up… but try to find the best way to say it.

Do not cry if a bully or someone insults you. The best thing to do is actually to ignore them. That is giving them no satisfaction of bothering you, so they will usually quit before you know it. If they don’t quit and keep bothering you, talk to a teacher, guidance counselor, volunteer, or even a friend.

Sometimes, people will call you names and send rude messages by texting, talking, or anything. Don’t respond. Leave it at that. If they want to be mean that is their problem.