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The Mean But Sweet Sixteen

Now experiences form a very big and important part of our lives. They change, break and mould us into an entirely new and different person.  We may or may not appreciate the change, but yes, it happens and happens without any warning. And one of the most miserable and magical change in my life was when I turned 16. One month to go for the big day and yet the excitement hasn’t crept inside me.  I feel that I’m now old enough not to get excited for such trivia stuff. And yet there’s a side of me that is dying to turn into an adult and be free.  Anyway, days passed by and I still was crazy for the date to come and never end as it was special. Finally, the night before my day came. I was jumping all round the place, going wild thinking what I would wear. And the eagerness for the day to change had so badly infected me that the phone was kept on charge to receive the Tsunamic wave of texts and calls tomorrow! And, yes the day came and yes it passed as soon as it came. I had my exam the next day so the day was not that joyful or life changing as I had imagined. And the events that followed, God it made me go insane. I hardly got any time for myself! It was all studying or doing chores. I now, since was an adult, had to take up responsibilities. And the fairytale glitter and glamour of being 16, suddenly turned into a hard working and tiring age to be in. This age had a lot to offer. Now generalizing this, girl friends/boy friends, peer pressure, relentless starvation, following the trend followers and what not. Three simple things I would like all you guys to follow and I say them with my own experience.

  1. Never, ever, ever, never, try to deceive your parents. They know it all. They let you do the mistake and then make you realize it all by yourself. Don’t even try to lie to them. I know it sounds almost unbelievable, but yes, they will get to the truth eventually. So, why go through the trouble of hiding it and then dealing with the consequences at the end.
  2. Secondly, friends. Now in this age, our friends end up being our new family as we feel they get to us and understand things. Well guys, no one in this world loves you as much as our parents do. They do not expect anything in return of our hard work or success. They give us unconditional love. I say this because I too was blinded by friends. Friends are people who come and go in your life. No one ever sticks for perpetuity (Not even you for that matter).
  3. And lastly, whatever may happen in your life, even in the worst of the situations, learn a lesson from them and move on!  And the best way to move on from a broken friendship/a failed relationship/parental misunderstanding/change of school etc. is to not have a link with the things which remind you of them. It may sound extremely difficult and sad but yes, it’s the best way to leave behind the past. Also, move on from the past and the bad, but at the same time, don’t forget the memories which were cherished and made during the past.

I would finally like to conclude by saying, 16 is just another age. It is no different from the others. We are the ones who make it seem like it is a change, a very big change of heart and mind. No need to freak out or go crazy about the fact of turning 16. It isn’t as sweet as it sounds. But at the same time, it’s got it’s own fun too. You get to be more independent and a responsible ‘semi-adult’. Yes, this is what the sprawling teens like to be known as. And while growing up to this age, enjoy every moment that it brings along with itself. Learn from the bad ones and make the best out of the worst. That is what a real ‘Mean’ Sweet 16 would do!

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