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Sunshine Day : Have A Lovely Day Part III

Put together a movie night. This is a good idea for cold winter nights especially, although it can be done any time of the year if you have a good spot for it. Make homemade popcorn and other treats to share around. In fact, that home baking you did this morning? Share it around now.

Treat and take care of your body. A spa day or evening at home might be a nice event to include in your lovely day. Take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, exercise your brain, cut your nails and maybe do a manicure or a pedicure. Run a deep and warm bath and wash yourself with a beautifully fragranced soap, before moisturizing your whole body with a good body lotion. Lighting candles is a great and easy way to make it all more relaxing. And if you have a partner, make the spa for two, especially the bath and candles part.

Make new friends. The fun thing about this, is that in order to make friends, you will most likely have to do something that makes you feel good about yourself. You can meet people by doing volunteer work, joining a sports team, joining an organization or just spending more time around people, such as asking open questions of people you meet at a museum, art gallery or local cafe. While this will probably take more than a couple of hours to do, remember that you have to start somewhere. Just meeting new people is a great way to boost your happiness level, develop yourself and enhance your way of looking at this big, beautiful world you call home.

Relax. Relaxation is always available to you, free of charge, wherever you are. It can be a simple case of closing your eyes and daydreaming, of lying back under a favorite tree or counting the clouds as they gently float by. Or you can be more organized and meditate, get or give a massage or read books with relaxing themes. No lovely day would be complete without indulging in relaxation and truly appreciating it for its restorative value.

Slow down, take your time. Always ask yourself “Where’s the fire?” whenever you feel compelled to act too urgently about anything other than saving a life.

Say please and thank you. A life filled with manners is a life filled with respect for others.

Give lots of compliments. They’ll come back to you in good time but the intrinsic reward of compliments is that you make other people feel good––and that will always make you feel good too.

Wish people a lovely day. Do so with a genuine smile on your face so that they know you mean it.

Try to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. A little indulgence in alcohol of good quality is a way to appreciate the fine life; too much alcohol or simply drinking to get drunk is a loss of self-dignity and an attempt to anesthetize yourself against the world. Check back into reality instead and find internal highs. As for cigarettes, just avoid them altogether; they’re is nothing good to be said for them.

Don’t eat junk food. You will feel a lot better if you eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish instead. Maybe your lovely day is the day to start afresh, eating foods that nourish your body and mind rather than foods that deplete you.

Simplify. Get rid of unneeded stuff. If it’s not in there it can’t break.

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