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Sunshine Day : Have A Lovely Day Part I

Living in a society often focused solely on the materialistic, where money takes place of everything from morals to happiness, can be pretty exhausting and demoralizing. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way and just because millions of people around you ascribe to consuming away their days doesn’t mean you need to join. In fact, opting out can be the perfect recipe for having a lovely day.

Whether you want to escape from the daily grind and embrace another way of seeing your world or you just want a little break from your everyday life, planning a lovely day can be the solution to overcoming your jaded outlook on what is, essentially, a very miraculous life. Here is how to restore a sense of wonder.

Get up early. Start your day with a good night’s sleep. Plan your lovely day an evening before like getting to bed around 10-ish and no later than midnight, in order to wake up freshened up.

Begin with a stretch. A good way to start your day is by stretching all your muscles while listening to music. Stretching will loosen up your body, and increase the blood flow to the muscles.

Have an ambrosial breakfast. Never skip your breakfast. Break the fast of the night with a healthy, balanced breakfast of energy-enhancing foods. A good mix is a little carbohydrate and a little protein to sustain your energy levels through the upcoming morning.

Wear something that makes you feel good. Don’t wear your sweatpants for a nice day, as they rarely look flattering on anybody and if you want to feel good. Dress as you would if you were going on a date or seeing someone you really care about. You will look good if you feel good.

Wear perfume or aftershave. A small sprinkling of a favorite and uplifting perfume or aftershave can make a huge difference. Spray a little on your wrists, and perhaps dab some behind your ears. Other places, where the blood vessels are thickest, like behind your knees or inner elbow, can also benefit from a little spray. Just be certain to wear your fragrance, and not let the fragrance wear you.

Read the newspaper. Yes, the one you receive in the mail or buy at the store, not the ones on the internet. You don’t need a wireless connection in order to read it, and it will never crash. The tactile feeling of holding the paper can’t be beat and you can use paper reading as an excuse to surreptitiously people-watch, including that cute gal or guy you’ve had your eye on for a while.

Make a cup of tea. Tea is a very special treat that warms the heart and can even be meditated over. There is a lot of tea to choose from, for example: Earl Grey Tea, Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, Sencha Green Tea, Dragon Well Green Tea, and so on. If you’re not that fond of tea, you can always try making iced tea instead. The alternative is to buy ready-prepared from the store, but then you can’t impress your friends or family with your refreshingly homemade iced tea…


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