Rocket Boost Your Inner Self

Your inner self is inside you and it should not be a hard thing to find it. Remember that everyone has something in them than can make the whole world grovel at their feet. You just have to find that something and it is 100% inside you.

Look at yourself: next time, stop before passing by a mirror. Look at yourself and try to see the inner you. For some people it’s easy to see themselves, for others it’s hard. Don’t get agitated if you can’t. You soon will.

Try to read a book: sometimes, you can find a character who really inspires you. Try to find the traits that are in the both of you. Maybe you both are generous, unselfish or helpful.

Next time you talk to your friends, try to see how you react to simple or big stuff. That tells you a lot about yourself. Sometimes, you change traits when you are with your friends. If that happens, find out the difference between the two personalities. Try and see which one makes you feel better about yourself.

Once you find the real you, try to dress up the way that suits you best and shows your best personalities. Be careful that you don’t think of yourself as something that you are not.

Be attentive. Your friends may know a little about you (even if that you isn’t the real one). So listen to them when they talk about you. It’s not self-absorbed to ask them a few questions about yourself. You can ask what they think of your traits…Don’t Get bugged if they tell you something which you don’t want to hear. They might joke around and you can laugh with them.

Be confident. It’s the best trait anyone can possess. Don’t be over-confident or have a very low self esteem. Tell yourself that you are the most amazing person in the world and don’t care if your friends don’t agree. Be social, not a social butterfly. Indulge yourself in school activities, like drama or the sports club. Athletic people are always confident. No one is better than you.

Be sure of yourself. Don’t try to act like something you are not.

Maintain a good hygiene. It matters if you are fresh and clean and you will feel yourself way more if you do.

Make new friends. Maybe someone out there can tell you a thing about yourself that you have been unknowingly looking for. And it always feels good to know that someone has your back.

Never lose confidence in yourself. Confidence matters a lot. Remember, you are the best and no one else can ever be like you, however much they try. You are unique and you have a lot of good traits. Tell yourself you are perfect.

Do not be let down by others. They will always try to make you feel small so that they can feel big. Don’t be the bait. Be yourself and be confident and the whole world will love you. Trust me, i have seen it happen to someone in my own life.

The Mean But Sweet Sixteen

Now experiences form a very big and important part of our lives. They change, break and mould us into an entirely new and different person.  We may or may not appreciate the change, but yes, it happens and happens without any warning. And one of the most miserable and magical change in my life was when I turned 16. One month to go for the big day and yet the excitement hasn’t crept inside me.  I feel that I’m now old enough not to get excited for such trivia stuff. And yet there’s a side of me that is dying to turn into an adult and be free.  Anyway, days passed by and I still was crazy for the date to come and never end as it was special. Finally, the night before my day came. I was jumping all round the place, going wild thinking what I would wear. And the eagerness for the day to change had so badly infected me that the phone was kept on charge to receive the Tsunamic wave of texts and calls tomorrow! And, yes the day came and yes it passed as soon as it came. I had my exam the next day so the day was not that joyful or life changing as I had imagined. And the events that followed, God it made me go insane. I hardly got any time for myself! It was all studying or doing chores. I now, since was an adult, had to take up responsibilities. And the fairytale glitter and glamour of being 16, suddenly turned into a hard working and tiring age to be in. This age had a lot to offer. Now generalizing this, girl friends/boy friends, peer pressure, relentless starvation, following the trend followers and what not. Three simple things I would like all you guys to follow and I say them with my own experience.

  1. Never, ever, ever, never, try to deceive your parents. They know it all. They let you do the mistake and then make you realize it all by yourself. Don’t even try to lie to them. I know it sounds almost unbelievable, but yes, they will get to the truth eventually. So, why go through the trouble of hiding it and then dealing with the consequences at the end.
  2. Secondly, friends. Now in this age, our friends end up being our new family as we feel they get to us and understand things. Well guys, no one in this world loves you as much as our parents do. They do not expect anything in return of our hard work or success. They give us unconditional love. I say this because I too was blinded by friends. Friends are people who come and go in your life. No one ever sticks for perpetuity (Not even you for that matter).
  3. And lastly, whatever may happen in your life, even in the worst of the situations, learn a lesson from them and move on!  And the best way to move on from a broken friendship/a failed relationship/parental misunderstanding/change of school etc. is to not have a link with the things which remind you of them. It may sound extremely difficult and sad but yes, it’s the best way to leave behind the past. Also, move on from the past and the bad, but at the same time, don’t forget the memories which were cherished and made during the past.

I would finally like to conclude by saying, 16 is just another age. It is no different from the others. We are the ones who make it seem like it is a change, a very big change of heart and mind. No need to freak out or go crazy about the fact of turning 16. It isn’t as sweet as it sounds. But at the same time, it’s got it’s own fun too. You get to be more independent and a responsible ‘semi-adult’. Yes, this is what the sprawling teens like to be known as. And while growing up to this age, enjoy every moment that it brings along with itself. Learn from the bad ones and make the best out of the worst. That is what a real ‘Mean’ Sweet 16 would do!

Being A Better Person Than I Am : Part II

Think before you speak. A good listener tends to be a good person, and trust from others will follow. When you have the power of someone’s trust, do not take it for granted. Use this trust, to help people better themselves.

Stay active. Being healthy and fit allows you to perform more tasks with ease and precision. Just thirty minutes of activity a day can help you lead a healthier, longer, more fruitful life. So what are you waiting for? You’d be amazed at how much body and mind are connected.

Grow towards love everyday- We all have to live in this world together for at least a small amount of time and we are all here on purpose to learn the lessons of our actions. The way we can love is by being receptive, unselfish, respectful, sacrificial, willing, thoughtful, having patience and being thankful. There is wisdom in all things, and all are capable of tapping the experience of pure natural and whole being. THIS LIFE IS FOR LOVE. This simple truth which begins with gratitude, forgiveness and loving awareness is for us to see our imperfections and our potential perfection. None of us are perfect. If something seems too perfect, there is something wrong! Life also consists of balance.

Donate time & love yourself to selfless love- When you give your body, mind, and strength to the loving force which is within us all and provides us with all we need. When we strike out to attack others we hurt ourselves. We get what we put out…

Love what you do! Do what you love- If we can finally admit that we are in need of something to fill the void in our life that eats at us every moment. Do not think that loving a partner,even a distant friend will make you become suddenly happy. Satisfaction is only obtained through the knowledge of realization that only a true passion that will return to you its rewards, and then will satisfy your void and human thirst for fulfillment. Love something, that will give back and that you will not have expectations for! Be in control.

Focus your mind on something positive- High motives and noble thoughts can be transferred into actions where we become aware of healing and helping all people because we are all brothers and sisters and deserve love no matter what the past or present or future. We give selfless love to all people in all times and all situations which may arise.

Pick up your dreams- Give your dreams another look. Dream again with deep determination. Remain self consciously aware throughout your day. Just remain conscious even of anger in your mind and body. Your mind creates your body. Get a hold of yourself and don’t be distracted by the outside forces of life. With selfless awareness you can create a positive mind which unfolds positively effortlessly. Everyday should be the best day of your life. Give fully and receive fully into yourself.

Give quiet understanding- Love is the only cure to what ails you. We can enjoy company when we eat or pray or live and dream and grow together. All that you do should be for the benefit of all. Give fully of yourself to all in all energy of life for ALL times all of your forces are made of diverse energy. You must guide your energy consciously and make your mind unemotional and solid. It is not a restriction, it is a guidance.

Don’t force others into things you do. This involves religion, work, beliefs, culture, etc. Most people are happy with who they are, and won’t necessarily respond positively to shoving.

Decide what it is making you feel you’re a bad person. Everybody’s different and you can’t be somebody else. Though if what is making you feel like a bad person is a quality, identify it. Sometimes growth requires change. You can always be a better person. Focus on one quality on time, and be consistent with the change you want to make. Over time, little by little you can make yourself that better person. Remember you can’t change your past, but you are the only person that can change the person you are in the future. It starts now.

Always think that helping others helps you. Act as though someone is watching you, feeling good inside and be satisfied with whom you’ve become.

Being A Better Person Than I Am : Part I

Life can be difficult. People are always looking for an influence, someone to look up to, someone to emulate. You can set the example, be the motivation that can really impact another human being. You can help change the world by changing yourself.

Decide what it is that you consider a ‘good’ person to be. You can do this by observing people you love or respect. Realizing their best qualities and admirable traits and implementing this upon your own personality.

Befriend people who you consider a good influence, but don’t expect them to be saints. They may make mistakes because they don’t realize they have the virtues you see in them. Never give up.

Take a course on becoming a Life Coach. Check out websites and organizations like Certified Coaches Federation. Helping others, as you’ll see, will increase your own self worth and esteem.

Make changes slowly. Try one new behavior at a time. You cannot become a better person overnight. It is a process. You should change your habits and your mind will follow. A habit forms and breaks with one month.

Remember, that life goals can change, and who you are can change as well. Never fail to re-evaluate and rediscover yourself!

Do not be selfish If there is someone that works or lives near you that seems devoid of a friend, reach out and help them. It is incredible the difference one person can make if they become someone’s friend. Give personal time, give advice or catch a movie!

Read. Spend a good amount of your time reading about something beneficial towards your intelligence and keep updated about society. People admire smart peers, and being well-educated means that you will be able to stick up for what you believe in by using fact! A good debate always challenges human intelligence and builds pride.

Live life to the fullest! Try out for that school sport. Volunteer at the soup kitchen. Write in your journal/diary. Join the annual bake sale, or take your sibling to the carnival. Fill your life to the brim with rewarding activities and enjoy the blessings that come of them.

Boost your intelligence. The ability to perform mental tasks with ease is invaluable; taking simple steps in your daily life will help you to cultivate your brain power. Practice your cognitive mind by exercising your thinking patterns. Which means challenge your mind in a way that expands thinking beyond what this universe can even offer!

Finish college. If you haven’t gone yet, make a plan to do so. There are so many opportunities that you are missing out on if you refrain from getting a formal education. Job opportunities will be opened up, you will gain respect from colleagues, along with the bonus asset that you become more intelligent. It is never too late to go to school. Stop making excuses! There are many grants available, and schedules can be flexible.

Spend time with your family. It is truly a learning experience to all of you. Spending quality time away from the T.V. can help you delve into the minds and hearts of your loved ones, allowing you to help them with any problems they may be experiencing and getting to genuinely know them. Studies have shown that children that eat dinner as a family are less likely to do drugs, alcohol, or be depressed. Just fifteen minutes a day with family can deeply help everyone involved…

Unsaid But Said : I Love You

Saying the words “I love you” is but one way to express love.

Be fully present. The greatest way to let a person know that you love them is to give your undivided attention, and to be fully present when they’re around. Put away the never-ending work, put aside the hobby, turn off the TV, and find time to spend together, just being.

Make your loved one laugh. When you love someone, you love seeing them happy, and nothing exhibits happiness like genuine laughter. So, be laid back, lighthearted, and playful. See how many times in one day you can make the person smile or laugh. It’s especially great to try and make someone laugh when they’re not supposed to laugh.

Connect from afar. Wherever you are, whether at the dinner table seated opposite one another, or across the auditorium, try to connect and send one another love. Blow kisses, play footsie, smile knowingly, or wink!

Be a good listener. When you sincerely listen to someone, you’re not only opening your ears, but you’re also opening your heart. By empathizing, you will strengthen your connection and deepen your love.

A hug speaks more than words ever could. It says “I love you” as well as letting the person receiving the hug know that you care and support them.

Avoid taking a transactional view of love. Don’t get angry if the person doesn’t “do it back”. It may take some time for your mate to recognize that you’re expressing love. But they will. In the meantime, practice unconditional love.

Give the person you love their freedom, but at the same time show him or her how much you care…

Talking About Sex With Parents

Talking To your parents about your sex life is possibly one of the most embarrassing things a person can experience. Yet, it is this kind of openness and honesty that can strengthen your relationship with your parents and lead to a healthier home life. Being open with your parents about your sex life is likely to foster greater trust and responsibility.

Be strong. Be brave and don’t lie about sex when talking to your parent.

Try not to seem embarrassed. Remember, you haven’t done anything wrong.

Say everything succinctly but without going into detail. If you do go to details you will/might get embarrass. But if you do want/get to details just stay calm and its normal to talk about it.

Avoid using innuendos, slang and sarcasm. If you do your parent’s will think you are just joking.

Talk to your parents when they are in a good mood. This is a great time to talk to your parents. Hence, avoid week days.

Don’t go too far.

The Philosophy Of Religion

The philosophy of religion deals with the big questions about God and religion: does God exist? Are we justified in believing in God? Should we make a leap of faith? What ought our response to be to evil and suffering? If God exists, what properties does he have? Are religions compatible with one another? Can we communicate with God through prayer and can he communicate with us through religious experiences? Is a belief in God compatible with a respect for science?

Make the distinction between philosophy of religion and theology. Philosophy of religion attempts to investigate the philosophical underpinnings of religion and religious beliefs – about God, for instance. Theology combines some philosophical reflection on these topics with reflection on religious beliefs that take some of the answers for granted that philosophers of religion would want to question.

Prepare yourself personally for studying philosophy of religion. Unlike other branches of philosophy, philosophy of religion questions and seeks reasons for ideas around religion and faith. For many people, their religious faith (or lack of) is a very personal and subjective matter and discussing it frankly and openly in a classroom may be uncomfortable. Decide whether or not you truly want to take part in such discussions and be prepared to change your mind.

Familiarize yourself with the arguments for and against the existence of God. The three main types of arguments are the cosmological or first cause argument, the ontological argument, and the teleological or design argument.

Explore the ontological argument more deeply. Many philosophers of religion, both theist and atheist, will agree that the ontological argument is perhaps the most interesting of the philosophical arguments for the existence of God.

Consider the epistemic questions about faith. Learn about the idea of fideism, and read up on Pascal’s wager. Attempt to answer the question: is it rational to believe in God? Do believers in God have evidence for their beliefs? If they don’t have evidence, can it still be rational to believe in God? Is religious or spiritual experience evidence?

Consider the divine attributes. Many of the sorts of questions one may ask in Sunday school are actual problems that philosophers of religion attempt to resolve: questions like “can God create a rock so big he couldn’t lift it?” (or Homer Simpson’s variation on the theme: “could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot he couldn’t eat it?”) are questioning the compatibility of the “Omni-max” conception of God (omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, Omni-benevolence – God being all-powerful, everywhere, all-knowing and all-loving), specifically whether God’s Omni-max properties ever conflict with one another or with the laws of logic or of nature.

Think about the role of religious language. Some philosophers in the logical positivist movement considered religious language to be cognitively meaningless and to lack reference. Some other philosophers try to interpret religious language in a naturalistic, reductionist manner, reducing claims about God to being claims about ethics. Some mystics and religious thinkers deem it impossible to describe God because of his infiniteness, and so prefer to talk about what God is not – this is described as the via negative. In recent times, many philosophers of religion have interpreted religious language through the lens of Wittgenstein’s latter theories.

Think about the problem of evil. How can we say that we live in a universe created and ruled by an Omni-benevolent and all-powerful God when he allows so much pain and suffering to occur? This question has been a primary line of argument from atheists and agnostics, and one that religious philosophers find the most difficult to answer.

Engage in dialogue and write. It is no good just reading the literature: philosophy is not a spectator sport. Attempt to develop the arguments yourself, think them through, write down your thoughts, and discuss them with others. It can be difficult finding people who have also studied the philosophical literature in depth: this may mean finding people on the Internet, attending seminars, conferences and lectures at universities or becoming a student.

Sunshine Day : Have A Lovely Day Part III

Put together a movie night. This is a good idea for cold winter nights especially, although it can be done any time of the year if you have a good spot for it. Make homemade popcorn and other treats to share around. In fact, that home baking you did this morning? Share it around now.

Treat and take care of your body. A spa day or evening at home might be a nice event to include in your lovely day. Take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, exercise your brain, cut your nails and maybe do a manicure or a pedicure. Run a deep and warm bath and wash yourself with a beautifully fragranced soap, before moisturizing your whole body with a good body lotion. Lighting candles is a great and easy way to make it all more relaxing. And if you have a partner, make the spa for two, especially the bath and candles part.

Make new friends. The fun thing about this, is that in order to make friends, you will most likely have to do something that makes you feel good about yourself. You can meet people by doing volunteer work, joining a sports team, joining an organization or just spending more time around people, such as asking open questions of people you meet at a museum, art gallery or local cafe. While this will probably take more than a couple of hours to do, remember that you have to start somewhere. Just meeting new people is a great way to boost your happiness level, develop yourself and enhance your way of looking at this big, beautiful world you call home.

Relax. Relaxation is always available to you, free of charge, wherever you are. It can be a simple case of closing your eyes and daydreaming, of lying back under a favorite tree or counting the clouds as they gently float by. Or you can be more organized and meditate, get or give a massage or read books with relaxing themes. No lovely day would be complete without indulging in relaxation and truly appreciating it for its restorative value.

Slow down, take your time. Always ask yourself “Where’s the fire?” whenever you feel compelled to act too urgently about anything other than saving a life.

Say please and thank you. A life filled with manners is a life filled with respect for others.

Give lots of compliments. They’ll come back to you in good time but the intrinsic reward of compliments is that you make other people feel good––and that will always make you feel good too.

Wish people a lovely day. Do so with a genuine smile on your face so that they know you mean it.

Try to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. A little indulgence in alcohol of good quality is a way to appreciate the fine life; too much alcohol or simply drinking to get drunk is a loss of self-dignity and an attempt to anesthetize yourself against the world. Check back into reality instead and find internal highs. As for cigarettes, just avoid them altogether; they’re is nothing good to be said for them.

Don’t eat junk food. You will feel a lot better if you eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish instead. Maybe your lovely day is the day to start afresh, eating foods that nourish your body and mind rather than foods that deplete you.

Simplify. Get rid of unneeded stuff. If it’s not in there it can’t break.

Sunshine Day : Have A Lovely Day Part II

Bake. You can bake cookies, a cake, bread, scones, whatever you prefer. There is not much that can top the smell of freshly baked dish wafting from your kitchen throughout the home.

Eat dessert first. Why not enjoy the best things first? As Ally Craig says in Remember Me: “I just don’t see the point in waiting. I mean, what if I die while eating my entree?”. Encourage your friends to indulge in dessert first too. Make the whole day one about a dessert mentality in which everything you do and try involves doing or eating the things you love most, first.

Go shopping for vintage clothing. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your friends have bought the same piece of clothing as you, and also it’s a lot more fun and more engaging than going to the mall and buying more resource-intensive new clothes. Treasure hunting in vintage shops can be a lot of fun if you’re open to it. There is so many vintage clothes out there, waiting to be found.

Go for a walk. The park is for everyone, and it’s always a good time for you to get some fresh air, rain, hail or shine. The woods, local hills or a forest are also great places for a walk. The sounds of birds and the smell of nature will improve your mood right away and give you the space to think about the bigger picture.

Ride a bike. Cycling is not only a great exercise, it’s a lot of fun too. Riding a bike is also a proven stress reliever. You’ll end up feeling relaxed, energized and happier about the world and yourself. Not to mention how great it is for the environment. No gas or oil is consumed in order to ride a bike. You can also interact with people as you move, something you’d not be able to do in your car. You can smell someone’s dinner cooking, wave to a neighbor, say hi to a kid and just generally be a warm and friendly human presence on the streets.

Pick berries, fruits or take cuttings for new plant life in your own garden. The most common berries you can pick are blueberries, blackberries, dewberries and raspberries. It’s cheaper, it’s fresher and it’s much more fun than if you buy berries from the store. Not to mention, you get a snack as you go. Berries are usually juicy, brightly colored, sweet or sour, and just generally delicious; just be sure that you’re picking edible ones. And if it’s the wrong time of year for berries, take cuttings of your favorite plants to propagate for your own garden so that you can help the world become even greener and more fertile.

Dance freely. Choose your music––it doesn’t matter if it’s calm music or heavy metal, just as long as you love it. Move to the music, and maybe close your eyes. It’s important that you don’t care how it may look, you’re doing it for you, not for other people to think you look good.

Head on over to your local library or a favorite bookstore. Buy or borrow a book, then go home and read it. Reading is just as wonderful whether you’re 9 or 90 years old. If you’re not ready to go home yet, stay and soak up the energizing atmosphere of other people reading and enjoying books around you; sit in a comfy chair or visit the cafe attached to the library or bookstore.

Write a letter. A handwritten letter on a lovely piece of paper is way more personal than sending an e-mail. Writing by hand also forces you to really think about your outpourings rather than simply stabbing at the keyboard and overloading the reader with trivia. Most importantly, a letter tells the person receiving it that you care for him or her a great deal, for your time and effort has gone into creating the letter…

Sunshine Day : Have A Lovely Day Part I

Living in a society often focused solely on the materialistic, where money takes place of everything from morals to happiness, can be pretty exhausting and demoralizing. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way and just because millions of people around you ascribe to consuming away their days doesn’t mean you need to join. In fact, opting out can be the perfect recipe for having a lovely day.

Whether you want to escape from the daily grind and embrace another way of seeing your world or you just want a little break from your everyday life, planning a lovely day can be the solution to overcoming your jaded outlook on what is, essentially, a very miraculous life. Here is how to restore a sense of wonder.

Get up early. Start your day with a good night’s sleep. Plan your lovely day an evening before like getting to bed around 10-ish and no later than midnight, in order to wake up freshened up.

Begin with a stretch. A good way to start your day is by stretching all your muscles while listening to music. Stretching will loosen up your body, and increase the blood flow to the muscles.

Have an ambrosial breakfast. Never skip your breakfast. Break the fast of the night with a healthy, balanced breakfast of energy-enhancing foods. A good mix is a little carbohydrate and a little protein to sustain your energy levels through the upcoming morning.

Wear something that makes you feel good. Don’t wear your sweatpants for a nice day, as they rarely look flattering on anybody and if you want to feel good. Dress as you would if you were going on a date or seeing someone you really care about. You will look good if you feel good.

Wear perfume or aftershave. A small sprinkling of a favorite and uplifting perfume or aftershave can make a huge difference. Spray a little on your wrists, and perhaps dab some behind your ears. Other places, where the blood vessels are thickest, like behind your knees or inner elbow, can also benefit from a little spray. Just be certain to wear your fragrance, and not let the fragrance wear you.

Read the newspaper. Yes, the one you receive in the mail or buy at the store, not the ones on the internet. You don’t need a wireless connection in order to read it, and it will never crash. The tactile feeling of holding the paper can’t be beat and you can use paper reading as an excuse to surreptitiously people-watch, including that cute gal or guy you’ve had your eye on for a while.

Make a cup of tea. Tea is a very special treat that warms the heart and can even be meditated over. There is a lot of tea to choose from, for example: Earl Grey Tea, Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, Sencha Green Tea, Dragon Well Green Tea, and so on. If you’re not that fond of tea, you can always try making iced tea instead. The alternative is to buy ready-prepared from the store, but then you can’t impress your friends or family with your refreshingly homemade iced tea…