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Appreciating Good Music For Your Soul

Music is an art form but it has many purposes other than just listening to it. Ancient civilization artifacts as well as Biblical references suggest that music was considered a powerful influence on physical health and well-being. It has been used as a motivator to do many activities such as work out or just doing house hold chores. When music is used in therapy it can reach even those resistant to other treatment approaches due to its accessibility, familiarity, feelings of security associated with it, and its capacity to express the range of human emotion.

Listen to all types of music, and get a feel for what you like. Don’t be afraid to listen to any genre of music you find, you might really enjoy it.

Try understanding what point the artist is trying to convey. Many songs have hidden messages that the artist wants you to find.

Listen carefully. Is it the guitar that pops out at you or is it the piano? Maybe even the singer’s voice. Everything put in compositions are put there for a reason.

Try to pick out the different instruments. If the song is slow and pretty, listen to the different parts and appreciate what they bring to the music.

Think about what you have heard. Try and find what kinds of music and what instruments grab you, and go from there.

In many music stores you can preview the songs on a CD before you buy it so you can listen to a few songs and see if it’s for you…

Listen to a song repeatedly to understand its true meaning. Songs that do not sound appealing to you upon first listen might sound better after a few more.

In some cases you will not like a song the first time you hear it; listen to it at least 3 times before you decide that you don’t like it for sure.

If you are having trouble understanding what the artist is saying, there are many websites that list the lyrics.

When using music therapy try and focus on the tempo of the song, and try to get into it; don’t just give up before even trying.

Don’t dismiss the Oldies. Some of the greatest bands have been around for a greater deal of time than you would expect. Try listening to “legendary” bands such as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.


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