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The Chill Pill

There are many ways that we feel stress in our daily lives. Frustration at not being able to communicate to your parents can easily cause stress. Rushing to find the proper dress to wear to a special occasion, and knowing that you have to be home to pick up a child from school, is extremely stressful. There are many other such times, and we get a headache, or become nervous, or unable to relax. Too much stress can cause many actual physical ailments, including a stroke or a heart attack.

Shopping for a last minute gift can in itself be stressful. If you also have a deadline to keep across town, watch out! Take the time in between to have a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe, or a bite to eat. This will calm you down so that you can safely make the drive to the next destination.

Remember that taking care of children, especially when they cannot go out to play, starts out fun but can end with stress. Soon they get restless, start to fight or argue with each other, nag or whine. You can feel the walls closing in on you, but there is no where you can go. Stop! Put the kids in front of the TV, give them a snack, and settle down in your easy chair and wind down. The cleaning up of messes can wait. Make a cup of coffee or tea, and think pleasant thoughts.

Learn that no matter what situation you are in, no matter your age, there are times that each one of us faces a stressful moment. This is part of living. Whether the stress evolves out of cramming to take a test or working two jobs to pay the bills, we become stressed. The main thing is learn to stop, sit down, and relax.

Think of it as a way to lose yourself for a little while. Let all your troubles go and just chill. Always remember, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”

Chill with earphones

Read a book

Watch a really good DVD or TV show

Go for a leisurely walk

Write a note to a friend

Draw, or doodle, or color in a coloring book. This is a great way to chill out. People of all ages have learned to relax this way.

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