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Being Funny And Making Fun Friends : BFF Part – I

Simply making friends can be easy. It depends on how outgoing you are. If you’re shy, then you need to build up your confidence to become popular.

Just be yourself. Don’t be afraid to express your opinions. If someone insults you, just ignore them. The people who are jealous and hate you will be outnumbered by the people who love you for being yourself.

Be optimistic. Even if you are feeling really down, remember that there’s always something out there to smile about. A positive outlook will make people want to be around you a lot more. Be cautious, however. There’s a point where optimism can be annoying. Don’t be too optimistic.

Crack a joke. (Having a sense of humor is important, but don’t get too carried away, there are some things you have to be serious about.If you joke about your friend in a rude way it could damage your relationship with them.)

Smile as much as you can! Signs of encouragement let people know you care about what they are saying. But have a reason to smile. Make it clear you have a reason to smile with humor or optimistic words. Smiling without a reason, or smiling too much may creep people out.

Share interesting/silly ideas. Your thoughts can open up many doors that can lead to friendship.

Listen more than you talk. Instead of nodding and smiling and occasionally wiping the drool off your face, try to take what the person says and run with it. Add your own thoughts into the mix – but don’t hijack the conversation.

Start by doing little things if you are very reserved. For example, every time you go to school, work, or wherever, say hello to one person and have a one-on-one conversation with them.

Say “hello” to those that don’t talk much. (Share something about yourself, such as where you’re going or why you’re there. Avoid talking about the weather – as Tom Waits says, “Strangers talk about the weather.” Try to compliment them.

Don’t expect perfection out of anyone, especially yourself. For example, if you forget your own name while introducing yourself (which probably won’t happen), just make fun of the situation.

Be Patient. If you are still among strangers, the apprehension of a conversation may cause a delay in comments. Don’t worry, that will go away in short order…


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