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Learn To Stop Lying

Admit that you have a problem lying. This may sound bad to some people but if you think of it you should notice that if you can confront that you lie then you should be able to stop. When you can say that you lie to someone then you should be able to stop. To some this would be really hard; as for some it’s even harder. All you have to think of is that when you can talk about it then you start stopping yourself.

The one thing you have to really remember is that if you don’t confront your “bad behavior” it will take longer for you to break the habit of lying. In other words, if you don’t when you feel guilty you would start to feel bad and would start being able to make yourself better by telling the truth. No, I’m not trying to say I want you to feel guilty, but I am saying you do need to feel bad or feel ashamed for what have done.

React to your own lies. If you don’t know how just read and you’ll find out how. Well, to react to your own lies means to confess and apologize when you know you lied. This will help you because you would be able to notice that you have told and are sorry for what you have done.

Also, when you react to your own lies it shows the person you told the lie to that you are sorry and that you know helping it makes that person feel like they have a chance.

Also, when you talk you can let your feelings come out and tell that other person how you feel about lying. Then when you do so they can help you deal with your problem.

If you communicate about your problem it also takes the urge off you. By that I mean, if you tell someone about your problem you then can think of a way to stop. Also, when you talk, that person could give you some tips on how to stop.

Use your sense of humor to tell the truth. Laugh at yourself with other people. Just saying “Could I be any worse at managing my checking account?” out loud, rather than denying your problem can get you on the road to recovery.

Guess what – the definition of being human is that we are not perfect. You will never be perfect! Don’t set yourself up thinking you should be.

Don’t tell yourself you are telling the truth if you are lying. If you don’t know a question that one of your friends or family members asks you say that you don’t know instead of lying to yourself and to your friends and family to look cool. It will just come back and bite you in the butt!

If you lie a lot over everything, realize that you can’t stop in one go. It’s just like a drug, it’s really hard to stop. You need to slow it down. Parents will tell you when you are about to lie you should stop and ask yourself, “Is this wrong?” Try asking yourself, “Is this a lie” really quickly. It takes time, but eventually you will stop if you really try. Also ask yourself how you would feel if people constantly lied to you.

You can’t stop lying unless you want to, it’s up to you.

Remember, it is way easier to just tell the truth than having to come up with a lie.

Ask yourself why you lie, and try to resolve the problem…

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