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Being A Friend To A Friend

Be a friend to your friend. If you’re there when your friend needs you, your friend will be there too. You know what they say “Do onto others as you want others to do onto you.”

Pack an extra desert or snack in your lunch bag. It’s always nice to share.

Record a traveling friend’s favorite television show.

Write a personalized friendship poem.

Tie balloons to a friend’s front porch to celebrate a birthday or a special accomplishment. Like getting an A+ on an assignment or making a team.

Treat for popcorn at the movies.

Loan your bike to a friend without one. You could loan other stuff as well.

Invite a new classmate to join you and your friends on an after-school snack hunt or shopping spree.

Mail a small souvenir from your vacation to a lonely friend back home.

Ask someone to take a group photo of you and your friends. Make color copies of the picture and frame them and give them to everyone as a special holiday gift.

Help a friend with a not-so-fun chore. Cleanup might call for a few good CD’s and a portable boom box. Accompany a friend on an after-school walk and use the time to catch up on the day’s events.


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