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Admitting To Cheating In School

Get it off your chest! If you have cheated on a test in the past, this might be a good time to come clean.

Feel guilty about it. This is extremely important. You just got an undeserved grade, and a class rank that wrongly puts others below you, affecting them. Colleges receive your transcripts where a bit of a mark fluctuation MATTERS. Bottom line: it was wrong. Feeling nice and guilty?

Put on a song you like but with a theme for your purpose. Recommended songs: “Just Feel Better” Steven Tyler and Santana, “Breaking the Habit” Linkin Park, “Learning to Fall” Boys Like Girls, “Damn Regret” Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and “Chasing Cars” Snow Patrol,” or “Move along” by the All American Rejects.”

 Understand why you did it, while listening to the songs. Be completely honest with yourself. You’re the only one listening anyway. Were you forced to do it? Was it just an impulsive thing? Did you want to prove something? Were you really desperate for that A? Were you too lazy to study? Did you have a lot going on at the time? Did a member of your family or a friend of yours or your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend die?

Keep on listening to music until you have a good and honest idea of why you cheated, before the next step. If you can’t decide, play more themed songs until you get something in your head. If you’re honest, you shouldn’t take more than 2 songs to gather your thoughts together. This should get you in the mindset and build up the courage to go confront your teacher.

Understand that you are willing to accept the circumstances. It is very important to be okay with your punishment, it is not something to be afraid of. People have cheated before, its common and besides, it is NOT a hideous crime. So you fell for it, once. Tell yourself even if the worst happens (think of the worst, it’s one situation where it pays to think negatively) you can handle it. Maybe you’ll get suspended or expelled. If you get suspended apply to a 2 Year College, but if you get expelled go to Adult Education.

Tell yourself that even though it’s just a first time offense you’re going to get expelled and when that happens sign up for Adult Education and once you’re done with Adult Education get a job.

Prepare for the worst, but don’t walk into your teacher’s room feeling defeated. Go in with strength. Being caughtcheating is bad, owning up to cheating is somehow more respected.

Relax and be strong. 4 Year College applications don’t ask “Have you ever cheated?” (Mostly), they ask “Have you ever been suspended, expelled, or put on probation?”. If you have, don’t apply to a 4 Year College because they’ll reject you. Apply to a 2 Year College with an Open Door Policy instead or enroll in Adult Education.

Go to your teacher and begin by saying something like “I have done something I am not proud of/something I regret”. Don’t just blurt it out. Then take a deep breath and explain everything, including the intentions identified during your music musing.

State that you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions (even if scared to death inside)before your teacher can respond. Also say that you would be okay with that particular grade being slashed if you can still make up for it with extra credit. Also restate that you’re really sorry that you disappointed the school.

Wait for the teacher to respond. They will not be happy so don’t expect it. But again, you own up to it, which matters. See if you can work something out. Resign yourself to some sort of punishment but show that you are earnest about correcting your mistake. Volunteer to help around school or do extra work.

Remind yourself that if you are honest with them, the teacher should understand that it was just a mistake and although you will get some kind of punishment it should not be that severe.

18 responses to “Admitting To Cheating In School

  1. I searched deep inside myself while reading your content material and it touched me deeply. Thank you

  2. Great site…I bookmarked it and will return often….

  3. My sisiter and I were just discussing this same topic a few weeks ago…..

  4. So very true….Thanks for blogging this….

  5. My sisiter and I were just discussing this same topic a few weeks ago…..

  6. So very true….Thanks for blogging this….

  7. So very true….Thanks for blogging this….

  8. Great site…I bookmarked it and will return often….

  9. So very true….Thanks for blogging this….

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