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How You Can Annoy Your Teacher

Copy your teacher’s behavior. This is the single easiest way to annoy your teacher. Most teachers have some distinctive talking style, may pronounce some words outlandishly, use certain gestures etc. and emulating them in front of them in a discreet way will surely upset them.

Make funny noises. You should do it when the teacher is writing on the black board, for example, so that you don’t get caught. If your antics make the class rock in laughter, its an added bonus.

Sabotage Equipment. If you have projectors in your school, that are used for presentations, etc, get hold of a remote that can pause, freeze or turn off the projector. It drives the teachers crazy. Just make sure you hide your weapon well!

Talk while she/he is talking. When your teacher talks try to talk to your friend really loud, try to get some one to laugh or try to correct her/him, you could also try to get your teacher to ramble off on a different topic not only will this annoy your teacher but you waste class time and get out of there earlier.

Sleep in class. This works best if you are either in the back of the class or if you guys are watching a movie in class; all you need to do is put your head down and close your eyes soon enough you will fall asleep.

Throw stuff in her class. Throw things at her/him or at other students such as erasers, paper, pencils, chalk, or you can get creative and throw books, shoes, newspaper, markers, crayons, and anything else that can be thrown.

Say bad things. Act out, if your teacher says something you don’t agree with then say so and try to be rude about it.

Stay off task. While she/he is talking try drawing pictures or anything on desks or paper.

Write stuff about her/him. Pass notes in class about her/him saying anything you want really.

Shut her/him up. When you and the get into an argument in class, outsmart her/him and get their point to sound dumb.

Ask incessant questions. Usually asking questions isn’t a problem, but it will be very frustrating if you can’t understand a math equation and ask your teacher to explain it to you for the tenth time. This also works with unimportant questions such as “What color was Mahatma Gandhi’s hair?”

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