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IDENTITY CRISIS: Teenage Lesson #3

Hi! I am, wait. That’s something I myself have to figure out. My hairstyle, yeah the latest puff ofcourse, my shoes, definitely from that store. You got me, that expensive one where my friend got it from. My wadrobe comes from the line of the fashionistas. Well, try asking yourself this for a change- Who the hell am I? What am I doing? What have I made of myself? Girls, doing so much for the guys is of no use. Come to think about it, you alone are’nt the only one following these so called trends. 1000s & millions of today’s Gen-Y girls are. Then what is that in you which would make the guys’ eyes pop out looking at you! Ponder over it. Boys, stop shying away from this & come up from beneath your computer chairs. You yourself are’nt much far away from girls in faking it all. Dad’s car, those scary tattoos, the macho up collared shirts, forced boozing & not to forget the loud music & the fake accent. Enough of this trend. What exactly is this trend then? Nothing but a crap idea making girls conscious of themselves & guys going crazy about their super gelled hair. Why follow then? Be the trend-setter. The leader & not a follower for a change! Girls, enough of your dieting. Boys, stop it with that lame coolness. Take a stand for yourself. Don’t be your best friend or the popular girl at school or the most wanted one. Be YOURSELF. Trust me, you won’t realize but all those whose attention you’ve always craved for will notice you, make their heads turn around, their necks breaking for you! Get going guys.  Most expensive & branded of shoes, cosmetic, wardrobe, bags, watches etc. can’t get you what your charm alone can! Make good use of your brains & the smile, very important. Stop copying the ones around & make them follow what you call, being you. I myself at one point in my life was like obsessed with brands & was a trend addict. Later on was it when I realized what a total jerk I was being. Rather, my decked up self was booed when in comparison with my natural self. Why do you think these botox & laser surgeries are so popular these days? Only because you make them earn it. Appreciate the God’s gift to you. Each & every one of you has been blessed with something special in them. You just don’t know it as yet. Look deep within & you’ll find it. And the day you know your worth, you would’ve succeeded in finding you, the real you. 🙂

Hope you find success in you endeavor & work towards getting out of this so called identity crisis & get down to discovering a whole lot of new things about yourself. One more thing I would like to add at the end, don’t change yourself for anyone & I mean anyone, because, being honest, the one getting you to have altered yourself is really not the one worth you, your beauty & that charm. You will achieve being the best, just trust yourself & see how things go your way. Till then, read, learn & preach.

P.s- Feel free to share any problem or incident you may have or are going through. Your identity may remain under the covers.


6 responses to “IDENTITY CRISIS: Teenage Lesson #3

  1. Mad Max ⋅

    Awesome article. I like your stuff. Continue with the good work 🙂

  2. Troubled Parent ⋅

    You doing a good job child. Keep it up !! Look forward to more ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ 🙂

  3. Marisha Kashyap ⋅

    It’s amazing!
    Sweety keep up d gud work ! :*
    Guess Wat? Ur a setting a trend!
    Of being urself! :):)

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