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PARENTS: Teenage Lesson #1

Parents, the biggest problem, right? Agreed, FOR SURE. Parents are like our building blocks. They are the first ones to embrace us at birth, our very first words, the first ones to hold us when we fall after taking our first steps. They’ve always been there. Be it by choice or not. At the same time, they are the very first ones to say the most dreaded word for a teen, NO! Parties, NO. Short dresses, NO. Nightout, NO. Boys, definitely, the biggest NO. Now this was from the girl’s perspective. Let me tell you, it is no more good for the guys. Bike, NO. Car? Out of question. Girls, NO. Now don’t you think this word “No” itself is the problem rather than the parents themselves? Kind of true. Being a teen, I myself have like these 1000 restrictions on me but at the end of the day, guys, your parents are like double your ages! They know what they’re saying. Though I myself agree that at times they do act as if they themselves have never gone through this age. But trust me, they love us so much that they can’t see us fall apart like they did in their teens. Alcohol, drugs, porn & what not (I know some of you must be thinking like SHUT UP. Are you on their side or the teens?). Well, for the parents, we are’nt that mean of teens. We can make negotiations & work things out. And, all of you teens, pay heed to your parents, at times. 😛 Give it a shot & things just might change for the better.  It’s just how you look at it- Half glass full / Half glass empty. Choice is upto you!

So stay tuned for the very next teenage lesson! Read, learn & preach till then. 😉


6 responses to “PARENTS: Teenage Lesson #1

  1. pallavi ⋅

    awsome preaching..!!

  2. Mondal ⋅

    Beautiful piece of work. However it did seem to fall a bit short. Left me wanting more. But again its just the beginning and im sure its gonna be big some day!! 🙂

  3. sabina ⋅

    Well said !! 😉

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